What is this site?

Welcome to Xavekiller's site. Here we have anything you need from Modding programs to movies. Anything you need for Halo and it's here.  I will be adding and updating constantly to this site, so check in every once in awhile.  Oh, and my gamertag is Xavekiller.

Hope you enjoy!    

Also I'm going to change what the site looks like all the time leave some feedback in the guestbook on witch one is the best and don't forget to scroll down on a lot of pages there is more to them then what you see.

  I reset this every week (this is how many people have been to my site since the last Sunday) usually around 16,000s

YOU PEOPLE ARENT CHECKEN OUT THE BEST PAGE OF ALL: THIS PAGE scroll down check it out i mean don't just go to all the others this page has a lot on it.

Whats new?


On account of me redoing the whole site, i am just going to put up the pages that have been updated/changed

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  • bridging programs
  • Halo The Movie

Clan KTX Hustlers (im the overlord and maker with IIKTX361II)

My old clan site-   http://s9.invisionfree.com/KTX_Hustlers/index.php?s=c2cd5d2d82e26c03c867a98db3fd4d43&

Dont forget to check out the KTX movie page.


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