Zone Alarm


Commview alows you to view other peoples ips in your party to bridge them. BUT its only useful if you are not using Cain. If you are bridging with Cain then Cain will give you the Ips. Commview is only for you if you are using a bridge with the second eithernet port.

Auto Standby

This allows you to standby with no hands.

you program up 2 and down 3 and hit go then hit mediem on ur fire wall and it will go auto BUT make sure when you dont the firewall is back on medium or u will lag out.

Also if somebody goes into bluescreen just hit the down arrow key on the keyboard to make the firewall switch between off and medium. Then when they are back hit up on your arrow key and continue your buisiness.

Cain and Able

Lets you bridge through a router plain and i wish i could say simple.    

IP Flooder

One of the two very old ways to boot host.

Lets you lag out host :) use wizly its not eazy to use. in the long list its the  UDP flooder under network tools set it to 10 with the host ip and they r gone   this also has bout 300 other hacking programs :)  HAVE FUN ALL