what is host?

Well host is what you get when you have the best connection to Xbox live. And when you are host everything is better because your weapons are somewhat more effective. Host is an advantage with the BR (battle rifle) it takes 3 shots to kill some one (if you hit them in the head). With out host it takes 4 shots to kill some one.  I usually get host because of my kick ass connection so I usually win games unless I get modded. Or bridged. Hopefully someday Bungie will figure out how to make everyone host.


Standby is where you make your self lag. Now to do this you must be host. Then you hit the standby button on your modem/router and people will all be just walking into walls on your screen then you can just go up and kill them. But you canít hold the button for to long or you will lag out. This is most likely the easiest way to cheat.

types of standby

The two types of standbys are Modem Standby and Team Standby.

Moden Standby is where you press a button on your modem that says standby it will standby the game.

The team standby is where you can bridge and you get everyones IPs and put them in your Trusted Zone, then you get a program called Auto Standby and then you link it to your firewall and it will go up and down. That will lag only the opposite team.


whats a glitch

Well a glitch is a messed up part of the game system that you can do special things from. For instance you can get out of all the levels. Or a super bounce. Now a super bounce is where you crouch in a spot that will make you stay crouched when you let go of the crouch button, then you jump or walk out of that and find a crack, shadow, or any changed part of the ground and you hit it then you will fly seriously high like a Modder. There are many glitches and not to brag but I am one of the best and if you need some good glitches send a friend request to Xavekiller. Another good glitch is to see the guardians. Or to get killed by them many ways, floating without super bouncing, or shooting a rocket out of 2 plasma pistols!

What is a bridger

Now Bridgers are sort of like a Modders partner. They give them host to bridge. What they do is find out what there IP address. Once they do that they use their computer and bridge them host. Now some Bridgers can get other Bridgers to bridge them host and then lag opponents out of the game. Some of the best Bridgers in the world can bridge them self host but itís almost impossible.

Whats a modder

Well a Modder is a cheater that "mod"ifys the maps on Halo2. I've seen some on Halo1.Now when they mod the maps they make it so they can do basically anything. They can fly, jump as high as they want, have rapid fire of any weapon, and many more things to cheat. Now when they go into matchmaking they can level people up by Modding. Matchmaking will be explained in another section of this site.  But they need host, and host will be talked about in another section of this site. They also need a Bridger, which will also be talked about in another section of this site.

types of mods

Well there are 2 types. There are soft mods and hard mods. A soft mod is what is explained in "what is a Modder. A hard mod is a mod chip that lets you mod the well anything. Like what the level looks like or any thing..