its here



Yes its here the KTX movie starring me and the other KTXs. Ok everyone knows how i won the glitching tourney. Well now we are making a movie with our capture cards. There are no Mods, and no types of cheating in anyway. And its all about glitches and tricks that I do with the others.  It will only be available on DVD. It will be sold on this site or maybe Ebay.

Check in in a couple of weeks from 8/29/06 witch is when I posted this we should have more info like a release date.

We arent really sure if there will be a preorder botten just check in every week and see if theres anything.


Here is the intro for the beginning of the DVD right when you put it in

second link if the first doesn't work -


This trailer only has pictures movie trailers coming soon. 

Also this trailer ends after 2 pics and then a black screen comes so dont sit through the black screen and expect somthing to happen.

Some preview pics

2 Grenades At The Same Time (oh and 1 go BOOM!)


(spectra spawn glitch [there is a movie of it on the dvd])