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Well as you can see I'm a Halo 2 player. I Think Halo 3 is over rated and sucks which is why I have kept this Halo 2 site going. My main gamertag is Xavekiller, but i have plenty of other accounts to play on since i can hack and have a one month and two month generators. If you are really interestd in hacking then you need my other site -

My real name is Cale Rauch and my AIM is xavekiller.

ALSO: i have 5 other accounts that have a 50 in every playlist (including H2 challenge) so if you want to buy one just hook me up with an AIM or a FR on XBL. They are $75.

What I can do:

  • Standby
  • Team standby
  • Standby for host and never miss
  • Boot (10,000 Bots online average)
  • Mod (when on other xbox)
  • Steal accounts
  • Host ban AND Un hostban
  • delete feedback
Heres my myspace -!/profile.php?id=691245102